Welcome to Crisis Over

Welcome! My name is Aaron Lloyd and this is Crisis Over!  I am a married man on disability living with sickle cell disease. Currently I am a freelance writer/photographer and filmmaker. At one-time I held employment within corporate America but frequent sickle crisis cost me more than one job, and eventually led me dragging and kicking to humbly apply for disability.

Your Pain Is My Pain

So, I know the struggles that the sickle community endures. I feel the same pain, both physically and emotionally that exist within our community. I relate to the relationship issues, the financial concerns, finding your purpose in life – despite a chronic illness that will likely contribute to your death.  Still, despite that, I see hope and purpose in the lives of all with SCD.  Everyone needs to seek their life journey despite the disease, it is not an excuse, it is a just our cross to bear.

Your One Stop Shop

Crisis Over is here for all of those reasons and more. This is a brand new sickle cell disease blog site intended to serve the sickle community.  Thankfully, there is a strong sickle community presence active on the Internet, but we do not have many blog sites out there with someone thoughtfully expressing our concerns in an organized way. Crisis Over is here to fill that void. The contributors hope to offer the SCA community a strong new voice, both bold and fearless – willing to speak up for the oft forgotten and marginalized SCA community.  This is common so we expect to have a lot to say in the future.  We will examine the two third rails of SCA, racial disparity in treatment, and the mainly false stigma of pain medication addiction and SCA. In contrast, we will examine the very real opioid addiction epidemic in America and how that affects the medical establishment and causes unintended secondary issues for sickle cell disease.

Let’s Make it Plain

There are several medical websites offering quality SCA information for public consumption. However, if medical jargon is scary or technical presentations intimidating, fret not because Crisis Over will be covering the same information but our presentation will be different. Med-lite if you will, meaning we will make the information understandable for the community without need of a medical school degree. Crisis Over also wants to hear from the community.  What are the issues you want to know about? What are we not covering that you want to discuss?

We will keep you up to date on clinical trials, fundraising events by sickle cell organizations, even local sickle cell blood drives. Have you heard of iron overload, but you are not exactly sure what it is? You have come to the right place. We will be discussing iron overload in the future and how it may relate to you.

You can expect a very active blog space. There will be daily information postings, frequent survey questions to gauge the peoples thoughts on issues, links to other great sites for the sickle cell community to check out, and topical blog postings that speak to the current state of the SCA community.

What’s Mine is Yours

So, come check us out – frequently! Let us know exactly what you are vibing on, and what you aren’t. We are here and are listening to the SCA community with both ears, and will respond to your concerns and desires. While the world ignores and marginalizes the sickle cell community, Crisis Over ensures your voice will be championed. We might not agree on everything, but we promise to hear and include the communities’ desires. Crisis Over is my baby, but you are all a vital part of the family, and we all know it takes a village to raise a child!

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