No One Knows

No one knows

What this life is like
Having to fight apart of yourself
with all your might

No one knows
How it feels to be in the hospital alone
Praying for relief
or the occasional call on the phone

No one knows
How it feels to have ya whole body hurt
You think maybe it would be easier if I was 6 feet under covered in dirt

No one knows
How the hospital staff looks at you like an addict
Chronic illness is what it is not just a bad habit

No one knows
How people change up
One minute their ya family or friend
The next they just don’t give a fuck

No one knows
How I wish I didn’t have to take these meds
No more Dilaudid or Morphine
Just aspirin instead

No one knows
The many prayers I say just to get me through the day
For him to make me stronger
and make a better way

No one knows
what sickle cell has done to me
I know its all a test
That’s why I have a testimony

No one knows
So that’s why I’m telling you
You tell a friend to tell a friend
that this is my Sickle Cell Truth

By Takim Robinson

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  1. Fajar Robinson January 27, 2021

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